For Aelita and Her Family

For Aelita and Her Family

Brianna Plaxe is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Jesse Krasna.

Created December 14, 2022

Aelita is a cheerful and very kind eight-year-old girl. She was born very prematurely at 29 weeks and her parents fought for her life for a long time. They managed to save her life, but their daughter Aelita was left with cerebral palsy and severe epilepsy. She and her husband are both doctors and tried their best to give their daughter the best possible life. However, forced to flee Russia in December 2022, as their lives were threatened due to their political and professional beliefs, they were both forced to leave everything they owned and seek protection in the United States of America. She and her husband both had two jobs each, and Aelita had all the necessary resources for rehabilitation. Unfortunately, they did not have the opportunity to take anything with them. Now they don’t have a work permit and have to start over in a new country. And their daughter has only one stroller, which unfortunately cannot provide her with the necessary conditions for life. She doesn’t have a special chair for the house to eat and study in. Aelita is paralyzed at level 4 and requires mandatory torso support when sitting, standing and walking. Aelita really needs a verticalizer, because without it, unexpected complications will occur in her health very quickly. At home in Russia, Aelita had many necessary devices and accessories that were constantly used to alleviate her disability. The most important are, of course, the home chairs and the stand. The parents are very afraid that without them, Aelita will soon experience pain in her back and legs and lose the support on her legs, which they have trained with great difficulty for many years.

Please help us purchase vital rehabilitation equipment for an eight-year-old girl, Aelita. Despite her illness, Aelita is a very smiling and kind young girl. Aelita’s family strongly hopes and we must inform you that she has three more healthy children, that very soon she will be able to provide their special daughter Alieta with everything she desperately needs, but at this time; unfortunately, she cannot do it without any outside help.

Aelieta’s family turned to me for help. We decided to publish her story and reach out to several cooperating non-profit and charity organizations for help. We need to raise enough funds to purchase two much-needed pieces of equipment for Aelita. One is a special xPanda device and the other is a Gazelle both R82 products from ETAC. We are now trying to raise the necessary amount to purchase both of these devices for a total of $12,968.00. If you would also like to help Aelita, we are sending you a link to our charity website where the whole story of Aelita is published.