How to get Funding

In a large percentage of states, there is a Medicaid Waiver program to purchase equipment that is not normally covered by Medicaid guidelines. Where should you start to find the money you need to buy the iXROVER / xROVER multifunctional outdoor sports stroller and enjoy your stay outside with your loved ones like never before?

The first step should be to reach out to organizations in your own area. There are many civic organizations and associations such as: churches, foundations, charities, non-profit organizations that raise money for people with disabilities to buy the equipment you need.

There are also several Federal and numerous State agencies that pay all or most of the cost of the equipment.

Use social media. Create your own online fundraising campaign using online financial sites. Here are some examples of sites: YouCaring, Indegogo, GoFundMe, Crowdraise, GiveForward. There are also many grants available for people in need. Don’t be afraid to ask them or be too proud, because people are really more blessed to give than to receive.

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Whom we work with

We are working with several non-profit organization and charities across the US. We have helped hundreds and hundreds of families with our unique outdoor sports xROVER stroller in North America. We also donated several strollers to the charities and families across the US.

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